Next Context is a strategic consulting partner focusing on strengthening leadership and team capabilities. Through this lens we also provide project management and supporting services, specializing in agile methodologies.
Our belief is that: "Context drives the decisions people make, and the decisions people make drive change".

Achieving results in leadership of both people and projects is about navigating multiple contexts simultaneously. Good leaders are good context-navigators. Great leaders are context-creators, and they establish the next context that motivates desired outcomes.

This is the pivot of our leadership consulting and project management thinking.
We bring decades of experience to the table.

Our track-record includes international and cross-cultural leadership of: teams and business functions, strategy development, organizational change, complex projects and initiatives, stakeholder engagement and communications strategies.

While we build on a foundation of proven practices, we're never afraid to discover new approaches with our customers. We always look for sustainable solutions, and our guiding principle is: vaccinate, don't medicate!

Please contact managing partner Jens Karlsmose | email: | mobile: +45 42 43 11 00 | for insights on how we can provide value to your business.