Next Context

Business Consulting with People in Mind
Welcome to Next Context – a consulting and training partner with the ambition to work with companies and people, who want to achieve more than the mainstream. We bring international experience in business, strategy and people leadership to the table when we help leaders, teams and organizations improve.

What we offer

We partner with leaders, teams and organizations in creating environments where people can deliver their best work and feel good about it. We strive to inspire our customers in developing solutions which build sustainable learning and capability growth for everyone.

Our focus areas are:

Multi-Contextual Leadership: Most leaders navigate in complex environments and multiple concurrent contexts. We draw on a range of theories and frameworks with focus on the practical leadership capabilities that you need in the context of your business model, organizational culture and personal style. We don't pivot on any single approach - we pivot around you and enable you to step in and out of the contextually required leadership behavior with integrity.

Growth Mindset & Learning Culture: We help unlocking the capability potential in organizations by changing the way they think about inherent elements of “working”, such as challenges, effort, risk, failure, feedback and success. Our approach stems from the Growth Mindset theory applied in a business context. Click HERE for an introductory paper (in Danish) on this topic.

Coaching & Mentoring: We engage in professional conversations with a sustainable learning focus. We help people managers growing their capabilities in building and leading teams with high performance, high collaboration and high employee satisfaction. We help individuals and teams discovering and leveraging their strengths - and developing coping strategies when needed. Our conversations are governed by the Global Code of Ethics by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

How we work

We combine our international and multi-cultural insights with a range of formal theories, tools and models in building stronger teams and better leadership. While we build on a foundation of proven practices, we're never afraid to discover new approaches with our customers!

Our guiding principles of engagement are:

Vaccinate, don’t medicate: Simple-to-understand solutions are often more robust – yet, often they are not the simplest solutions. We favor pragmatic, sustainable solutions and not quick fixes with no long term value.

Lead with partnership: We engage in projects we believe in – and that YOU believe in. A trusted partnership where we truly stretch boundaries and think strategically beyond the obvious is our priority.

Adapt to deliver: No two engagements are ever the same, and our consulting approach is to provide the right approach for the right outcome. We adapt our delivery modality to your desired outcome.

Context drives the decisions people make, and the decisions people make change companies. We pursue the next context to create required pull for desired change.

Please contact managing partner Jens Karlsmose ( | +45 42 43 11 00) for further insights on how we can help.